Wild Alps

a 7 days bivi adventure

The adventure starts where the plan ends: With our 'tiny house' on the back, we head into the French and Swiss backcountry for a multi-day bivouac adventure. Once we leave civilization, the mountains are our habitat for the week, surrounded by and living in a wild Alpine environment. We only know what we encounter afterwards, but it will be an adventure, that's for sure!

3-9 August 2020

  • 7 days, 6 nights
  • 6 days guided hike
  • 5 nights bivi camp
  • 1 night chambre d'hôte

The trip

Daily life can be hectic and governed by routine and structure. But not here! We are guided by curiosity, the adventure and the nature around us. For six days we'll hike through forests, we'll climb peaks far above the treeline, we'll swim in lakes, we'll camp in the wilderness, we spot wildlife and we enjoy the starry sky above the campfire. Without a strictly defined plan, but with the freedom and flexibility to embrace adventure with both hands. The outdoor life is simple and only the essentials count. We'll move around, navigate, overcome the challenges of the wilderness, make fire and food, purify water, make bivouac, pack a bag, etc. It's not the comfort of a warm house, not a full fridge, not a hot bath, but the simplicity of life on this Alpine journey makes this experience very rewarding.

We propose you this trip in collaboration with our friends from Rewild

For who

Experience with wild camping is not required, but a good hiking condition is. Every day we bridge a maximum of 10km and about 1000 altimeters with a large backpack. We leave in the valley at 700m and the highest peak can reach up to 3000m. Are you afraid of heights? Then you rather choose a trip to the Dutch polders! This tour leads us over narrow mountain paths, along deep gorges and via ladders hanging on the rock wall!


  • Price: € 700,-
  • Date: 3-9 August 2020
  • Places: 7 (4 booked)
  • 6 nights
  • Physical: 4/5
  • Adventure: 4/5
  • Comfort: 2/5


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